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Magazines and Photoshoots 1990-1999

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Magazines and Photoshoots 2000-2001

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Magazines and Photoshoots 2003-2004

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Magazines and Photoshoots 2005-2006

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Magazines and Photoshoots 2007-2008

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Magazines and Photoshoots 2009

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2010 - Photoshoot by John Russo

2010 - Photoshoot for USA Today

2010 - Photoshoot by John Russo Part II

2011/01 - Esquire Mexico

2011/04 - Bullett Magazine

2011/09 - More Magazine

2011/10 - Esquire

2012/04 - Photoshoot for Greg Lauren

2012/08/17 Photo Session August 2012

2015/05/26 The New Potato*

2015/06/02 Yahoo Style*

2015/06 Sobranie Exclusive*

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Esquire Eyes

San Andreas: Film Stills + Movie Clip + Official Movie Interview

New promotional material for San Andreas has been released. Film stills as well as movie clips and so on...

San Andreas opens in theaters on May 29th.

Synopsis: After the infamous San Andreas Fault gives, triggering a magnitude 9-plus earthquake in California, a search and rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) and his estranged wife (Carla Gugino) make their way together from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save their only daughter. But their treacherous journey north is only the beginning. And when they think the worst may be over…it’s just getting started.

Official website: San Andreas

San Andreas Official Movie Interview

Movie Clip "We Have No Place To Set This Plane Down"

San Andreas San Andreas

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Book Coffee

Force of Nature: Carla Gugino

Full spread featured in BELLO mag May 2015 issue #70 - Download BELLO mag APP

Bello mag 2015For most people, the Hollywood Dream conjures up images of tennis courts and European sports cars, VIP access, and hobnobbing with the beautiful people. But for the actual tastemakers who drive this town - those artists and tradespeople whose work imbues LA with their uniquely creative souls - 'making it' isn't about achieving a lifestyle; it's about building a career on your own terms.

Bello mag 2015"Perhaps I could have become a much bigger star much earlier on if I had made different choices," says actress Carla Gugino as she reflects on an ever-growing body of work remarkable for its longevity, certainly, but more so for its variety and conviction. "I just was never really interested in branding myself or being known for only one thing. I've always wanted to be and have been inspired by transformational actors and actresses."
Maybe that's that's why nearly thirty years in, Gugino's career is hotter than ever, with three - count 'em, three - high profile upcoming projects: HBO's new geopolitical comedy, The Brink, M. Night Shyamalan's dystopian FOX mini-series, Wayward Pines, and Brad Peyton's big screen FXtravaganza, San Andreas. Each is as different from the rest as possible, and all are premiering in the next few months. Ladies and gentlemen, witness the Hollywood Dream in action…

"I think people get confused because they'll come up to me and be like, "Wait a minute, you're the mom in Spy Kids and the lesbian parole officer in Sin City! I don't understand!" Gugino says with a laugh. Yet while she's not un-sympathetic to their plight, she's not about to make it any easier for them…not when exploring her enviable range is half the fun of it.

"Wayward Pines is a mind bending paranoid mystery, San Andreas is a huge edge of your seat disaster movie that was very physical. And The Brink is a smart black comedy that came out of the blue and I fell in love with."

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Source: BELLO mag
Wayward Pines CP

Interviews, Talkshows and a Friendly Reminder

I have a bunch of Interviews for you. At the moment Carla is guest on several radio & TV Shows (don't miss her on Jimmy Fallon next Tuesday!) to talk about her upcoming projects: Wayward Pines, San Andreas and The Brink.

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Wayward Pines premieres tonight! Don't miss it...

Wayward Pines
Coffee Wood

New Project: Den Of Thieves

'Cat's Cradle' Adaptation, Drama Starring Carla Gugino In Works At IM Global TV

Nine months after the launch of IM Global Television, the TV arm of feature-film financing, production and sales company IM Global, a subsidiaryimglobaltv of Indian conglomerate Reliance ADA, has set its first development slate under co-founders Stuart Ford and Mark Stern. It includes two literary adaptations, Cat's Cradle and Darkover, crime drama Den Of Thieves starring Carla Gugino and produced by Kevin Spacey, real-time horror drama Horrorshow and miniseries about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake produced by Martin Campbell. The two high-profile sci-fi titles, Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle and Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover, are tapping into Stern's background as former president of original programming for Syfy.

The acclaimed Cat's Cradle takes a satirical view of war, religion and scientific advances. The project will be developed with writer/executive producer Brad Yonover and Elkins Entertainment's Sandi Love who will co-executive produce. "Cat's Cradle is a true classic, not just in the science fiction genre, but in literature overall," Stern said. "We couldn't be more honored or excited to adapt this seminal work for television."

The studio has also secured the rights to Bradley's Darkover. Ilene Kahn Power (Traffic) and Elizabeth Stanley will executive produce. The 25-book series, a mix of fantasy and science fiction, is set on the exotic planet of Darkover.

The studio is currently out to buyers with Den Of Thieves, a Noir-ish crime drama starring Carla Gugino, written by Sebastian Gutierrez (Gothika) and executive produced by Trigger Street's Dana Brunetti and Kevin Spacey. All ten episodes of the first season have been written and Gutierrez is planning to direct.

IM Global Television is also developing a 6-hour mini-series, 1906, that chronicles one of the worst disasters in modern history, the cataclysmic San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. Writer David S. Ward (The Sting) will executive produce with director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) and producers Mark R. Harris (Gods & Monsters), Julie Ruthenbeck and Susan Lee Smith. The project is packaged by IPG and CAA.

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