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28 December 2008 @ 11:20 am
Poster Contest for "Women in Trouble"  
Are you creative, a designer and/or do you like to work with Photoshop?

Then you might be interested in this:

Women in Trouble poster contest

Worth1000.com held a movie poster design contest for "Women in Trouble".

Nice idea, and if you feel you have the ability to create a poster, take your chance!

I've been doing some minor changes to the layout (re-arranged the tags and added some links to the header). LiveJournal will never be as comfortable to navigate as a website is, but I hope you'll find the things you are searching for a bit easier now.

I'm going to do an entry with a couple of talk show appearances of Carla soon. It will be, for several reasons, members only. Stay tuned and check back for updates.