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17 January 2016 @ 05:50 pm
Carla Gugino and Chad Hodge did an Q&A at the ATX Television Festival last June. The viewers had seen the first five episodes then, it's funny to see how difficult it was to answer questions without giving too much away.

Wayward Pines was originally created as an event series with ten episodes, but when it became a huge hit Fox decided to renew it. The second season will pick up in the wake of Season One, when a new arrival in Wayward Pines finds himself in the middle of a serious rebellion, as the residents battle over how to preserve the endangered human race.

Last week during the Winter TCA press tour Rob Owen spoke with Fox Television Group chairman Dana Walden who said "Carla Gugino and Toby Jones will be back along with Melissa Leo if she's available." That would be pretty cool.

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17 January 2016 @ 07:22 pm
The winner of the last poll: 2005 Threshold - Carla as Dr. Molly Caffrey

2005 Threshold

New year, new poll, new name, same rules. "Picture of the Week" didn't work anymore - for obvious reasons ;)

Except for the new name nothing has changed. You have one vote to choose your favorite.

This time from three different photoshoots:

Best Of Picture Poll

Poll #2033835 Carla Gugino 'Best Of' Picture Poll

Which photo is your favorite?

1 - 2008 Vegas Magazine
2 - 2015 TV Guide Magazine
3 - 2004 Hamptons Photo Session