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23 March 2014 @ 11:23 pm
Match @ Tribeca Film Festival and a Bloody Wayward Pines Picture  
The Tribeca Film Festival has announced the screen times for "Match":

9:30 PM - FRI 4/18 - BMCC Tribeca
2:30 PM - SUN 4/20 - AMC Loews Village
6:00 PM - THU 4/24 - Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 7

Visit their website for more information and how to buy tickets.

Dana Michelle Hamel, make-up artist on "Wayward Pines", has posted the picture above on Twitter: "Blood sistahs! Im taking one for the team!" ;))

You remember Carla's Barbarella style make-up for "Destination T.R.A.S.H"? That was also her work. If you like, follow her Dana Michelle Hamel on Twitter