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26 October 2012 @ 10:12 pm
Self Interview With Elektra -- October, 2012  
Q: Hey there, Elektra, what have you been doing with yourself?
A: Fantasizing, mostly.
Q: About what?
A: Chocolate and something else I can't talk about.
Q: Sexual?
A: As is usually the case. It involves an investigator of some kind. Maybe an insurance adjuster. And a bellboy.
Q: Sounds ambitious.
A: Not my fault I was endowed with physical charms beyond my control.
Q: And an innocence of mind?
A: More of an "purity" of mind.
Q: I thought you once said purity was overrated.
A: Did I? I meant it when I said it, but you can't go around quoting people all the time. It's one of the worst things about the internet, nobody forgets anything.
Q: But nobody learns anything.
A: Exactly: information, the new substitute for knowledge.
Q: Ooh, that's good. Can I quote you on that?
A: It's unwise to quote me.
Q: Why, look at Oscar Wilde. People love quoting him.
A: Him and Morrissey. But I want to be loved for other things. Not quotes.
Q: Like what?
A: Like braving chapped lips just to walk around the Sahara desert in nothing but a flowy cape and sunglasses, perfecting my bronze tan.
Q: I didn't even know you liked the desert.
A: There's a lot you don't know.

Elektra 10/2012

Q: I don't know what's happening with "Women In Ecstasy".
A: A plan is being hatched as we speak.
Q: By who? Or is it by "whom"?
A: You've heard about this Holly Rocket movie rumor?
Q: Is it more than a rumor?
A: I know people who know people who say the story is filled with obscene acts and exotic locales.
Q: That sounds promising!
A: Behave yourself. It's only a movie. Anyway, I think that pushes "Women In Ecstasy" til sometime later.
Q: So what will you do in the meantime?
A: Raise my child. I'm a mother now.
Q: How's that working out?
A: Children are okay, if you go for that sort of thing. But you have to get really good at dealing with ziplock bags
Q: That's what I hear.
A: The pursuit of pleasure becomes even more ephemeral, a mirage, because time is so limited. But dreams become more vivid.
Q: What do you dream about?
A: That's private. But I've been keeping a dream diary.
Q: This sounds like excellent blackmail material.
A: Oh yes, but it's not like those 50 Shades Of Grey Clit Lit books making the rounds, this is really raw.
Q: And insightful?
A: Depends on the interpreter.
Q: You have a dream interpreter?
A: An Italian illustration student, descendant of Fellini. Or Antonioni, I forget.
Q: Illustrator?
A: Yes, she can draw orgasms, for one. And fruit.
Q: Where did you meet her?
A: At Trader Joe's.
Q: I never meet interesting people at the supermarket.
A: You're hanging out in all the wrong aisles.
Q: I feel somehow like we've gone off-subject here.
A: What was the subject?
Q: (thinks, vaguely lost) Not sure. Politics?
A: Impossible. Nothing bores me more than politics. Except reporters. And real estate salesmen.
Q: On that note, maybe we should sign off for now.
A: You know where to find me.

Q (turning off recorder): That was great.
A: You think people will know I was joking about children only being "okay"? Because sometimes that sort of humor doesn't translate in print.
Q: Honestly, you're worried about people think at this point?
A: I worry about what my kid thinks.
Q: It clearly came off like a deadpan joke. Your maternal wherewithal is exemplary.
A: Somebody's been hitting the thesaurus. (re: recorder:) That thing's off, yes?
Q: Yes.
A: You sure?
Q: Positive, why?
A: Because the light is still on.

Source: Elektra Luxx Blog