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21 September 2012 @ 06:49 pm
Hotel Noir - New Trailer + 10 Minute Preview + "How to Speak Noir" Clip  
News for "Hotel Noir".

A new trailer has been released. But not only that - a 10 Minute preview and clip "How to Speak Noir" is also available.

The Kickstarter campaign is doing great. You can still join and help to get the movie into theaters: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/52271062/hotel-noir


10 Minute Preview

How to Speak Noir

Downtown Los Angeles, sometime in the 1950′s.


A detective checks into a hotel across from the train station and waits.
He knows it's simply a matter of time before the gangsters he has stolen from come find him.

He has played his hand and come up short.

He's broken his own rules.

He's as good as dead.

On his last night on earth, long past the point of caring, he meets as series of characters: a singer trying to become a better person, a salesman with a secret, a gambler with an attitude, a chambermaid full of dreams.
The past keeps crashing into the present and the future - if such a thing ever existed - is but a vague rumor.

This is the world of HOTEL NOIR.