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17 February 2012 @ 10:27 pm
The Road to Mecca - Reviews  
Those Who Seek to Make Art Often Find Themselves Alone

As Rosemary Harris says the word, "darkness" is a thing with tentacles that clutch and choke and smother. It erupts from her with a soul-deep rumble late in the first act of Athol Fugard's "Road to Mecca," which opened on Tuesday night at the American Airlines Theater. And once Ms. Harris has said "darkness" - or said it that way - it's impossible to look on her character or the play in which she appears with the comfort of detachment.

In this quiet, slow and ultimately powerful production, directed by Gordon Edelstein and featuring strong performances from Jim Dale and Carla Gugino, Ms. Harris plays Miss Helen, an elderly South African woman who has hitherto seemed gracious, fretful and rather prosaic. Now she has given undiluted voice to the kind of fear that lurks in everyone - one of those personal fears that are so profound that people shirk from naming them. She is magnificent and shrunken, harrowed and harrowing. We also now accept, without conditions, that this homey, Grandma Moses-like sculptor is an artist, with all that that word implies. Full article: The New York Times

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