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04 November 2010 @ 06:03 pm
Upcoming Talk Show Appearances and Sucker Punch Interview + New Trailer  
"Faster" will be released this month, and Carla is doing some talk shows:

- The View (ABC)

Tuesday, November 9th: Newt Gingrich, Carla Gugino

- Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

Wednesday, November 10th: Rainn Wilson, Biz Stone & Evan Williams, Carla Gugino, Jonsi

Sucker Punch Trailer II

A new trailer for Sucker Punch has been released: Download the trailer

Carla spoke with Crave Online about the movie and her character.

Carla Gugino on 'Sucker Punch'
by Fred Topel

Now that Zack Snyder is directing Superman, that might overshadow his next movie. Sucker Punch is his crazy original idea about young girls in an institution and their kick ass action heroine fantasy life. Carla Gugino joins in the double world as their adult figure. We got to sit down with her during the craziness of Comic-Con to preview next year's wild, sexy movie.

Crave Online: Is it cool that we've come to a place where there's no longer that discomfort when women are in a fight scene?

Carla Gugino: It's interesting, huh? I don't know if it's completely equal because it still is a question when people say, "How is it for women to be kicking ass?" But I do think that you're right that it has entered a sort of part of cinematic language enough now that people are embracing it as such. That is cool. I thought there was something interesting today when we were in the press conference. Zack was saying we never thought about it as we were shooting it. It is true that I think it's only when you're looking at it from a point of trying to find a gimmick or a catch that that becomes part of it. Really it's just a story of these people. They happen to be women and they do ultimately have these incredible action sequences. But I think the complexity of it and the fact that it isn't just a sort of one person on a revenge tail that doesn't say much, because of the quality of Zack's heightened nature as a filmmaker and because of the fact that it is women, it innately exists on a bunch of different levels. I guess that's what makes it different from maybe a male driven action movie in that way. I think maybe it has become part of the fabric of movies enough now that that's not the first question people think of, which I kind of like.

Crave Online: Is your character a confidante and ally in the institution?

Carla Gugino: It's interesting because she ultimately is a very flawed woman who is part of the establishment but who then really struggles, I think has turned a blind eye to a certain amount of things because they were too painful to look at and ultimately is their protector and is on their side. I would say yes, sort of their hidden ally because she's very tough love. She's definitely not a cuddly sort of mentor mother type. She is sort of the one who is basically like, "I can tell you that you will never live a life as horrible as I have. So the only way you're going to get through this is if you do exactly what I tell you. Then she doesn't necessarily always even succeed at that. So it's a fascinating character to play for sure.

Crave Online: Do we get to see what she's been through?

Carla Gugino: We do not really get to see what she's been through. You get more of a sense of it as a feeling and you sort of get a sense of it through her relationship with Oscar Isaac's character, Blue. You can sense that they've had a history and that history is very complicated. They're sort of the two people who are dealing most specifically with the girls aside from Scott Glenn's character who's sort of the wise man. He's sort of in another realm of reality, or lack of reality.

Crave Online: She's not like Nurse Rached though, is she?

Carla Gugino: No. No, she's not. Which is one of the reasons ultimately her being German also wasn't right. She started off as that.

Crave Online: Thinking of the cabaret dance you do in Elektra Luxx, and the outfits you surely wear in Sucker Punch, have you become expert in using your body and playing to the camera?

Carla Gugino: I don't know. I guess I think of my body as part of me so I don't think of it as using in that regard. Yet, I guess what's been interesting for me is that recently I've been offered opportunities where I get to use it more, like to be able to do the musical number in Elektra Luxx and then there's a song and dance number I do to a much greater extent in this movie. both of those were really new experiences for me, so I feel excited to actually get to explore that aspect of things but always I'm fairly physical in terms of even coming up with characters that are less apparently physical. It might be in the way they walk or the way their hands move or even an accent which then effects the physicality of your face. All those things I guess are part of what I love to work with.

Crave Online: I notice those little details that I feel are more for our experience as a viewer. It might not be natural but it's something you do for the camera.

Carla Gugino: Oh good, well I'm glad about that. It's definitely an area I like to explore again because it is a visual medium. I think maybe also because I do a lot of stage and up there, if you're uncomfortable in your body or you're not owning the space, it's really evident. There's another cool movie, Girl Walks Into a Bar, that Sebastian Guttierez also wrote and directed that's going to be the first feature film ever made for the internet, ever actually launched on the internet. It came about because a couple producers ended up seeing Elektra Luxx and saying, "Can you do that for the internet? Kind of an episodic nature of things." It's got Zach Quinto, myself, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson and Josh Hartnett, just a bunch of really great people in it. Just as you were talking about Elektra Luxx, it made me think of that because it's something that's really exciting right now. I was thinking of the juxtaposition of all these things. This movie has much more money to work with and is so cool but Zach's nature is so independent spirited. You realize that even as they were talking about Watchmen and it had such a great response here and did it get a more tepid response at the box office? He said, "Well, I would never change anything that I was going to do of it." I think that's the thing. Any real artist, as soon as you start looking from the outside in, you're screwed. So I was just thinking about breaking new ground and how that is I guess what I'm the most interested in in whatever form it comes in.

Crave Online: Do you also emulate a classical Hollywood style in the way you dress and present yourself?

Carla Gugino: I think that probably is true. I guess I've always been really attracted to period pieces and always felt visually I was probably more made for the ‘50s or the early ‘60s than I am for a modern day. Waifish kind of thing isn't really my thing. Therefore I've been cast to some extent in those even though I'd always love to do more period pieces. Yeah, I think I tend more in my style and what is appealing to me to a more classic nature and less trendy nature maybe.

Crave Online: Even having bangs and this polka dot dress with a ribbon, it's the best kind of old school.

Carla Gugino: Thank you. Yeah, I guess it is kind of true, always in the people that I think about that have influenced me style-wise and even in terms of persona are the Sophia Lorens, the Claudia Cardinales, Marilyn to some extent. Then more recently like Jessica Lange and Meryl Streep, people who I feel have something sort of timeless.

Crave Online: Do you find that a different sort of man is interested in that sort of woman?

Carla Gugino: No. I mean, you'd probably have to be a guy to answer that one. I don't know, that's a good question.

Crave Online: That's the look I appreciate. Maybe I'm born in the wrong time.

Carla Gugino: Yeah, yeah. But I definitely think there's something about men responding to a woman who is like a woman. Again, that's what I think is interesting about this movie. I don't think you need to subjugate your sexuality or your femininity or your intuition or any of those things to also be kick ass and viable as an action hero or action figure in an iconic kind of way. There's no doubt that it's messing with stereotypes but I think that as much as any of us in life can mess with stereotypes it's a good thing.

Crave Online: I agree, anything that people commonly accept, you need to question it.

Carla Gugino: Yeah, anything that seems like an easy answer is probably not true.
borg_princess: alanrickman-yayborg_princess on November 5th, 2010 01:39 am (UTC)
OMG, THIS IS AMAZING. I was already intrigued by this movie, and now I find out Carla's in it! *FLAILYFLAILFLAIL* And her character sounds awesome, I love conflicted, morally ambiguous characters like that, I love how she's the protector/mentor, but with a tough-love, hard-as-nails approach, I just- am so SO excited for this! ♥
Lemon: Far Awaylemon_tree_x on November 6th, 2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
Your icon! Awesome! :)

This movie will be different from anything we've seen yet.

And her character sounds awesome, I love conflicted, morally ambiguous characters like that,

Me too. Even I don't think that they have much time to explore her character in the movie.

But it will be quite an adventure, that's for sure!

Have you seen Watchmen?
borg_princess: hermione-daydreamborg_princess on November 7th, 2010 03:32 am (UTC)
Hee, yes, I love that icon!

Yeah, you're right, she's not one of the girls, so they probably wouldn't spend that much time on her- but then, I adore Snape and he gets like, two seconds of screentime in the movies, yet it really resonates with me, all the depth and complexity of his character, so y'know, hopefully Carla's character gets quality time, even if it's not the dominant plotline!

I've seen Watchmen, against my better judgment. The aaaangst. *wibbles* But it was certainly thought-provoking...