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02 October 2009 @ 06:07 pm
Get to know Elektra Luxx  
Women in Trouble will come to cinemas November 13, 2009.

A social media campaign has been designed for the movie, and is centered around the character of Elektra Luxx.

You already know the Elektra Luxx Blog, but there is a lot more to explore!

The following sites are all part of the campaign:

Facebook: Elektra Luxx Page

Twitter: Elektra Luxx on Twitter

Google Profile: Elektra's Google Profile

Flickr: Elektra Luxx's Photostream

An own YouTube channel might follow.

Please note: If you join one of the sites above, you will not talk to Carla Gugino, but her alter ego Elektra Luxx. And she's quite active! So if you're using any of the named networks, go take a look and follow her.

Speaking of following - the Carla Gugino LiveJournal Community has now its own Twitter page! I actually created it to follow Ms. Luxx, but I plan to post tweed ;) the updates for the comm there. If you have a Twitter account, follow us: Carla Gugino LJ Comm

If you have any questions, please ask :)